Please note: the Leave of Absence Process is only applicable to Yamaha Piano Students and Yamaha Guitar Students (private courses) as of Semester 1, 2020.

A request for Leave of Absence during a student's Yamaha Music course will be approved or denied based on individual circumstances surrounding the type of leave requested. It is at the sole discretion of Yamaha Music Education to approve or deny any leave request. 


  • Maximum of 3 weeks per semester - any more than three weeks of absences across a semester and Yamaha music will not be able to deliver the educational outcomes promised

  • Sickness and tardiness will not be approved - just like school we do not refund sickness or lateness, it is the families responsibility to ensure attendance is consistent throughout the semester. If ongoing sickness occurs, please contact Yamaha directly to find out more information regarding 'extenuating circumstances'.


Leave request forms are to be lodged at least 24 hours prior to first class missed. If a request form is provided after the first lesson missed, a student will not be eligible to receive a make up lesson/credit. Supporting documentation can be included and lodged along with the leave request form (please see below for further details). 


If requested by Yamaha, you must attach independent supporting documentation for a relevant authority (e.g. doctors certificate, travel itinerary) to your request form. "Independent" means it should not be from your family or friends. Privacy law preclude us from obtaining information on your behalf so you are responsible for providing evidence to support your claim. Yamaha Music Australia is bound by law to protect your privacy therefore any information provided in relation to this application will only be used for the purpose intended. 


You will be advised in writing of the outcome of your leave request within 10 working days of Yamaha Music Australia receiving your application provided that all supporting documentation has been supplied and no further investigation is required to verify the circumstances relating to your application. Each request form is assessed in line with individual circumstances and in adherence to the type of leave requested.